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Why Animated Video Works –

In this environment of information overload, getting your message across to potential prospects can be a little challenging to say the least.

It makes sense then, to focus your efforts on the communication methods that offer the biggest results in the most cost-effective manner… and that’s where video comes in.

Video content is by far, the most user-friendly way to deliver a message. Marketers use video in a variety of ways, including the promotion of services, explaining how products work and establishing the perception of being an expert on a particular topic or area of interest.

And this strategy works very well for several reasons:

Video = Retention

Studies show that while we only retain about 10% of what we hear, visual content is retained at a much higher rate – a whopping 50%! In addition, video adds the visual element that can help explain complex issues much more effectively than simple text would do… the result is that more of your prospects “get it” when they watch a video, making it easier to drive your message home.

Video is Interactive

Plain text can be skimmed and even skipped over completely, making it difficult to highlight a particular point or draw your visitors’ attention to a specific aspect. With video however, the experience is more interactive and certainly much more exciting than that old, boring text, ensuring that your visitors stay longer and feel more connected with your website and thus, your company.

Video is Search Engine Friendly

Not only is video indexed by search engines like Google, it’s featured on page 1 of those search results, making it a smart option for the SEO-savvy marketer. Create a powerful and engaging video and you don’t have to worry so much about keywords and metadata… you’ll get page 1 listings just because your content is in video format.

Video Can Be Shared

Videos are the #1 type of content shared across the social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. That means that if you make a video that “pops,” your viewers will take care of the distribution of that content for you, sharing it with their friends and followers through social media.

And if these reasons haven’t convinced you, consider this: having video content makes you look like you know what you’re doing… that you embrace the latest technology and play on the same platforms that your prospects have embraced. Video also gives your company a personality, something that plain text could never quite accomplish, helping you build that all important relationship with your audience.

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