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News Release Distribution - Get Seen and Be Heard!

Online news outlets are alive and well, and the value they have to offer is priceless! By creating professional press releases and getting them out where they'll be seen and picked up by industry professionals is one of the best ways to spread your good news, but it's much more than that.

With Professionally Promoted and Optimized Press Releases, You Get:

• Attention from local, national, international, and niche news sources
• Traffic including potential customers, related businesses, and educational/industry authorities
• Links that improve your website rankings in the search results
• Increased brand and authority
• Shares and attention on various Social Media sites

But What Are Online Press Releases Anyway?

• News items and announcements
• Written in industry style language (Usually AP Style)
• Contain links to your website and related information or businesses
• Read by almost everyone who is looking for news online
• Used as ideas for content by traditional and online media outlets

Our Online Media Marketing Services Includes:

• Optimization of your press release
• Promotion on high-end news sources including Google News, MSN, Yahoo! News, and more
• Exposure on Social Media
• Editorial assistance
• Targeted distribution to people in your niche, industry, and region including subscriber lists
• Detailed reports

Comprehensive Reporting Shows You the Value Of Online Press Releases

• Find out where your press release went
• How many people saw it
• Who and how many people have read your press release
• What they've clicked, and more!

Contact us now and get online media marketing working for you!


How Do I Get Started?

Mode Impact offers multiple distribution levels of service to meet your needs:



Unlimited text

Link to your website

Add file attachments

Add images

Optimize with keywords

Call out for "quotes"

Embed Video

Web Distribution

Yahoo! News

Available to Google News

AOL News & Finance


Major search engines

250,000 RSS subscribers

Social Media Distribution


Social bookmark links

Image distribution

Media Distribution

Target by Industry


Target by Region

Newspapers, Radio, TV (by region or idustry)
35,000 Journalist subscribers
Blogger Outreach
AP Associated Press


Next day distribution

Editorial consultation


Real-time news release analytics accessible from your account
See the media outlets where your release was sent
See some of the web sites that republished your release
See how many times your release was read
See how many times people engaged with your news release
Learn which search terms your customers are using to find you
One Time Investment / Press Release