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Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Rankings, Increase Your Bottom LineOttawa Search Engine Optimization

Over 80% of the online population consider search engines as their first choice when seeking out a new service or product. That's right... 80%. And of all that traffic, over 90% goes to websites in the top 30 listings. That means if you want to build a successful online business, you'll need to rank high in those search engines. And to do that, you'll need to start with some SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO actually encompasses a variety of tasks designed to improve the visability of your site, by focusing on both internal and external aspects. This process is often quite complex and requires a considerable amount of "know-how" to be successful. Search engines after all, do have limitations and all have unique search parameters that are constantly changing. Do too much SEO or the "wrong" SEO and you'll quickly find your website buried at the bottom of the search engine pile.

Do I really need SEO?

That all depends... do you want your site to be seen?

The primary benefit of good SEO is higher rankings in the search engines. And because higher rankings have been proven to generate more traffic, that means more business for you.

Isn't Pay-Per-Click Advertising Just As Good?

You can certainly generate some traffic with PPC advertising but the truth is, most people look for the generic search results first. That's because like you, they know those paid spots are, well... paid. So having the top paid spot in Google or Yahoo! just means you were willing to pay more to get there.

But a top spot in the generic search? Now that's gold!

Expert SEO With Mode Impact

Fortunately, Mode Impact can help.

After an in-depth analysis of your site, our SEO experts can provide you with a customized strategy that lets you stay ahead of your competition and in front of your customers.

The Mode Impact SEO Package includes:

- Personal consultation with an SEO expert to review your site and create an optimization strategy.

- Ongoing SEO efforts, including keyword and market research, offsite linking and other targeted strategies.

- Internal and external improvements such as a metatag analysis and sitemap optimization.

- Search engine submission for maximum inclusion.

How Do I Get Started?

Mode Impact offers three different levels of service to meet your needs:

Search Engine Optimization Features

Number of keyphrases optimized


In-depth keyphrase research

Competitor intelligence report

Keyword position reports

Local search optimization

Cross engine optimization Google, Yahoo, Bing

Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking

DMOZ submission

HTML architecture and design analysis

Website usability analysis

Website conversion analysis implementation

Meta tags (title, keyword, description)

Alternate text added to images

Integration of blog with RSS


Manual link building campaign

Link building/Link procurement

Free & paid directory submissions

One way links

Universal SEO (news, video, music, local, blogs, maps)

Web server analysis

Setup of website sitemap

Internal linking restructuring

Creation & registration of sitemap.xml

Creation of robots.txt

Monthly progress report

Pre-optimization & post-optimization ranking report

Keyword density monitoring & reporting

Link popularity monitoring & reporting

Dedicated account manager

SEO consultation
Online project management schedule

Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google (OR MONEY BACK)

One time campaign investment
Progressive monthly optimization
(Annually discounts available)