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Web Analytics

Gather all the information you need with none of the hassle.

Web site analytics can tell you a lot about who visits your site, what they're looking for, and whether or not your site is meeting their needs. Are there usability issues? Perhaps the copy isn't pulling its weight?

You can get all this and more with simple and constantly updated reports from your own web site analytics. Save yourself the time and let us set it up and help you interpret the data!

With Professionally Configured Analytics, You Can:
• See which terms make you the most profits, not just the most traffic!
• Find out what types of information visitors need
• Where visitors are coming from and what they're using to view your site
• Finely tune conversion funnels for improved ROI
• Identify profitable keyword groupings you're not using to the fullest advantage

You Can Track Everything, Including:
• Site pages
• Links and click throughs
• Entry and exit pages
• Unique and return visitors
• Page views
• Actions

With Our Expert Help There's No Need To Worry About:
• Installing the software
• Creating tracking codes and getting them in the right spots
• Setting up metrics tracking and custom reports

Contact us today to get started!