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MODE IMPACT is the leading provider of fast and dependable web hosting services for businesses and individuals of Ottawa.
Of course, we don’t limit our services to Ottawa customers only. We offer premium web hosting services to anyone in Canada or the United States regardless of the province or state they reside in.

Some of our web hosting options include extra availability and disaster recovery features, contact our customer support team for more details, they are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. Most people don’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes before they’re talking to someone.

MODE IMPACT is Ottawa's #1 Web Hosting Provider


We have designed and structured our hosting infrastructure to cater to commercial businesses. If you’re trying to boost your website’s ranking on Google search engine, then our hosting services can help with that. The only rule is that your website cannot contain any adult content, inapt content, or content that is bound to be controversial. We only deal with reputable businesses that have something legitimate to promote.

The hosting packages that we offer are compatible with the latest web application software and e-commerce platforms, such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Our company is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada so any local Ottawans can trust that we’ll come through for you. To the people everywhere else, we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust through the amazing services and support that we provide.

What do you mean by Web Hosting?

Every website needs a hosting server and a domain name to exist online. The former is called a hosting server because it serves content to the user that requests it from their computer. The content, of course, would be the text, pictures, and other files which make up the website. Most servers are stored in data centers, which are basically huge buildings that have hundreds or thousands of servers in them.

Whenever you purchase a hosting service, you are renting web space on a powerful server in a datacenter. As you upload your website files, they get stored on an assigned server to your account. For the public to access the website content, you need to link a domain name to the server storage space that you purchased.

A domain name is something like MyCompany.com or any other custom domain name that you would type into the address bar of your browser. It is much easier for people to remember a domain name address than some numerical IP address. After you register a domain name, the next step is to modify the nameservers to match the nameservers of your web hosting service provider. If you choose our web hosting services, you will receive the nameservers to use for your registered domain name in your welcome email.

What makes your web hosting service better than other web hosting service providers?

Domain name is like virtual real estate in a way. Each domain name has a unique “street address” where people can visit to see your content (or property). Domain names exist on the internet to make it easy for anyone to connect to a website quickly.

Renting web hosting is like renting office space. You pay a monthly fee and then you can use the space to operate your business.

Firstly, web hosting services are not all the same. Are all physical office spaces the same? Of course not, so why would you think web hosting spaces are all the same?

Each web hosting package comes with its own set of features and services. For instance, some web hosting packages offer unlimited web space while others set a cap on it. You also need to pay attention to the speed, security, protection, and other services offered with the hosting service provider.

If your website is responsive and operates quickly for users on mobile devices or traditional computers, then your hosting services are wonderful. These are some of the types of powerful hosting service features that you will receive if you host with Ottawa's #1 leading web hosting provider.

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